A Bayesian MCMC Program for Inferring Phylogenetic Models


MrBayes is a powerful bioinformatics program available on RCC Systems. It is designed to infer phylogenetic models using a Bayesian MCMC approach. This approach is used to estimate the posterior distributions of the parameters for these phylogenetic models.  There are currently two versions of the software available on RCC, version 3.1.2 and version 3.2.1.  There are also two parallel versions available with the same version numbers which leverage MPI for faster computations in parallel.

Using MrBayes on RCC Resources

MrBayesdoes not itself require a module to be loaded in order to run. However, if you wish to run the computations with MPI, you will need the gnu-openmpi module. To load this, simply type module load gnu-openmpi. The MrBayes program can then be run by typing mb in the command line to start an interactive session. For detailed information and tutorials on using MrBayes, refer to the manual site.