A Toolkit for Building Compilers


LLVM is a very powerful toolkit for designing and rapidly developing full compilers for programming languages. LLVM also contains support for code generation for a myriad of different architectures as well as architecture-independent code optimization among many other features.

Using LLVM on RCC Resources

There are two options for using LLVM on RCC resources. You can use the basic version which is standard LLVM or the OpenMPI parallel version LLVM-OpenMPI. Each of these require their own module to be loaded. For standard LLVM, the module call is:

module load llvm

For the parallel version of LLVM, one of the OpenMPI modules needs to be loaded along with the LLVM-OpenMPI module:

module load gnu-openmpi
module load llvm-openmpi

Once the module is loaded, you can use the LLVM toolchain. For detailed information and tutorials, please refer to the documentation for LLVM.