A Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian Hierarchical Models with MCMC


JAGS is a Gibbs sampler designed to be used to analyze Bayesian Hierarchical Models using an MCMC approach. It is intended to be an extensible, customizable engine for the BUGS model description language and to provide a powerful platform to experiment with Bayesian modeling.

Using JAGS on RCC Resources

JAGS does not require a module to be loaded in order to run on RCC systems. It is available on the HPC Systems as well as on Spear. To run JAGS, simply type jags into the command-line and an interactive prompt will appear. For a complete reference on options and required I/O files, please refer to the manual which can be found as a download on the JAGS website.  JAGS can run BUGS language script files from the command line as well as be used in interactive mode.  For full details on this and a user's guide, please refer to the main website's downloads page which has examples as well as manuals for multiple versions of the software.