An API for the HDF5 Data Format for Python


H5Py is a Python interface for the HDF5 data format for storing, handling and working with extremely large data sets. It is built on the C version of the HDF5 library but wrapped with Cython to provide a fast and efficient binding to the Python programming language. The interface is capable of doing nearly everything with HDF5 in Python that would normally be possible with other bindings like C.

Using h5py on RCC Resources

Using h5py is very simple as it is a native Python binding for the HDF5 API and no module needs to be loaded on HPC in order to use it. Therefore, in order to run H5Py, all you need to do is import the h5py module along with numpy. This can be done by using the commands import h5py followed on the next line by import numpy. This should give you access to the h5py API in your python code. For detailed usage documentation and examples, please refer to the official documentation for the H5Py package.