CDO - Command Line Tools for Climate Model Data Analysis


CDO is a climate science package. It is a set of command line tools which are designed to manipulate and analyze datasets coming from various climate models and weather models including the NWP model.

Using CDO on RCC Resources

On the HPC, CDO is available without needing to load a module. In order to run CDO, simply type the cdo command into the command line once you have logged into an HPC login node and run the program with any appropriate options and inputs for your job. More detailed usage information is available in the form of a tutorial and a set of documentation available on the CDO website. Calls to CDO functions generally follow the pattern:

cdo [COMMAND] -[OPTS] [INFILE] [OUTFILE (if applicable)]

Where [COMMAND] is the cdo operation you wish to perform and -[OPTS] is a list of command line options. See the tutorial and documentation referenced above for more information on available commands and options. CDO commands usually have an input file required in the argument list and may or may not also have an output file required as part of the argument list depending on which command you are running.