Beagle is a High-Performance Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Bioinformatics Library


Beagle is a Bioinformatics program available on the RCC systems which is designed to support Phylogenetic tree inference in several common packages such as BEAST, Mr. Bayes and others. In particular, Beagle is designed to support Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood calculations that are central to phylogenetic inference.

Using Beagle on RCC Resources

BEAST will automatically use Beagle if is available.  When running BEAST with its GUI, there's an option available which allows you to choose whether or not to use Beagle.  Further information and documentation including stand-alone Beagle API documentation can be found on The BEAST Website or The Beagle Github.

In order to compile a separate stand-alone code using Beagle, simply include the library as follows:

 g++ -I /opt/hpc/gnu/include/libhmsbeagle-1/ CODENAME.cpp -o EXECUTABLENAME