Partner Services

We partner with organizations like XSEDE and Globus to provide FSU Rearchers access to a network of resources when RCC resources are not enough.

FSU Researchers can gain access to the following resources.

Open Science Grid (OSG)

Open Science Grid (OSG) is a free high throughput computing (Condor) resource available to all US based researchers. The OSG facilitates access to distributed high throughput computing for research in the US. The resources accessible through the OSG are contributed by the community, organized by the OSG, and governed by the OSG consortium. In the last 12 months, OSG has provided more than 800 million CPU hours to researchers across a wide variety of projects.

To gain access to OSG, you need to first create a free Globus account and use your globus credentials to create an OSG account (start at step 3). After registration, OSG staff will contact you by phone for verification and enable your account. You can then SSH to and submit jobs.

XSEDE Clusters

XSEDE provides a number of computing clusters to researchers at partner institutions. For example, the XSEDE Stampede cluster provides an environment similar to the FSU HPC, but provides large memory nodes, which have 1TB of RAM and memory intensive applications. The trade-off is that time limits for jobs on XSEDE resources are typically lower than those on our clusters.

If you are interested in accessing resources via XSEDE, you will need to let us know. Access is provided on a per-request basis.


The Globus System provides a reliable, scalable, and inter-institutional way to transfer data from one system to another. Globus is used by research computing organizations around the world to move data. FSU Researchers can use Globus for free to transfer data to and from our systems. This is particularly useful for larger datasets that may a long time to transfer.

Check out our documentation page for using Globus.