Welcome guest user to the Research Computing Center.

In order to access the HPC and other RCC resources from off-campus, you will need a sponsored guest FSUID. Here is how to obtain one:

  • You will need a sponsor that is a current FSU Faculty member. This is the faculty member you are collaborating with.
  1. The faculty sponsor will need to submit a request to the FSU Service Center with the following information:
    • Your name and email address
    • Language indicating that you need access to the VPN in order to gain access to the HPC and/or RCC storage
    The faculty sponsor must be the one who submits this request. For more details, refer to the guest FSUID setup KnowledgeBase article.
  2. You should receive a follow-up email once the sponsor has approved your request (this can take up to several days). Follow the instructions provided by the ITS Service Desk to set up your guest FSUID.
  3. Once you have obtained your FSUID and set the password, you can set up your RCC System Account.