Account Management

Most RCC resources require that you sign-up for an RCC account.

If you are an FSU faculty, staff, or student, your RCC account username will generally be the same as your FSUID, but your password will be different.

Who is Eligible

All FSU Faculty can create an RCC account. This account provides a general level of service on HPC and Spear, full access to Condor, and access to other services.

FSU students can create an account provided they are sponsored by a faculty member. Refer to the full account policy for more details

Individuals who are not employed or enrolled by FSU may also sign up for an account provided that they are sponsored by an FSU faculty member. This includes collaborators at other institutions.

Signing Up

To signup for an account, visit our signup page and follow the instructions.

Changing Password, shell, and other Account Settings

Once you have an account, you can manage your personal settings on the account management page of this website.

Common Troubleshooting Issues

  • Cannot Login
    Head over to the account page to see your account status. Accounts are generally locked out due to password expiration (see our policy). You can reset your password on the account page to re-enable your account.

  • Cannot Connect to Servers
    Are you off-campus? If so, you will need to connect to the FSU VPN service in order to access most of our servers. If you are on-campus, or

  • Need Access to Group or Queue
    Queues, storage resources, and group membership is managed by account-holders that have purchased those resources. Typically, you can email the faculty member whose group you would like access to and request that he or she add you.

Need More Assistance with your Account?

Let us know; send us a support request.