Account Management

To use any RCC resources, you must first sign-up for an account. This page describes how RCC accounts work.

Who is Eligible

Anybody can create an RCC account. This account provides a general level of service on the HPC and Spear, and access to various other srevices.

If you are a currently-employed FSU faculty members, you can create an account immediately with no approval required.  Additionally, you may sponsor non-faculty users (students, staff, and outside collaborators).

If you are a FSU student, staff member, or outside collaborator (not employed or enrolled at FSU), you can create an RCC account provided that you are sponsored by a faculty member. You must specify who this faculty member is during account signup, and you faculty sponsor must explicitly approve your request. Refer to the account policy for full details.

If you have an FSUID, you must login with it in on our website in order to create a RCC account.  If you are an outside collaborator, you may have to apply for an FSU Guest ID first.

Signing Up

You can sign up for an account on our website.

New faculty accounts will be activiated within moments of signup.

Non-faculty accounts who specified a sponsor during registration must wait until that sponsor approves your request. Your account will remain in pending status until your chosen sponsor approves the request. Your sponsor will receive an email when your registration completes. Subsequently, he or she will login to the RCC website and approve or deny your request.

Once your sponsor approves your account, we will activiate it immediately.

Managing Account Settings

You can update your email, password, preferred shell, and other account settings using the Manage Account section of our website.

Additionally, you can manage any resources you control (such as groups, HPC partitions, or Spear systems), and request access to different resources.

Account Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble using your account, refer to the following common scenarios. If none of these match your issue, please submit a support request.

  • Account not Active or Locked - Visit the Manage Account section of our website to view your account status.  We generally lock your account if your sponsor has not approved your account in the past year, but your account may be locked for any number of reasons.
  • Forgotten Password - You can easily reset your password at the Manage Account section of our website.
  • Cannot Connect to Servers - Are you off-campus? If so, you will need to use the FSU VPN to connect to RCC Systems. Refer to our guide. If you are on-campus or using the VPN and still cannot connect, check our status page to see if any systems are offline.
  • Need Access to Group - All users are enrolled in our General Access group, which provides access to basic resources at the RCC. If you need to enroll in another group to gain access to a particular server, storage resource, or HPC queue, you can do that at the Manage Account section of our website.