RESOLVED: Intermittent Off-campus VPN Access: ITS VIA VPN is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users

UPDATE, May 26 at 3pm: ITS has implemented a second VPN solution, Aruba VIA, to complement the existing AnyConnect/OpenConnect already in-place. In addition, ITS has added additional licenses to the existing AnyConnect solution. This has mostly resolved peoples' inability to access the VPN, including researchers' access to the HPC.

If you are a guest user or a student without a paid appointment, continue to use the AnyConnect solution. This is the only VPN that will allow you to login with your RCC System Account username and password.
If you are a faculty or staff member, we encourage you to use the Aruba VIA VPN solution in order to preserve AnyConnect licenses for student and guest users.
Thanks for being patient while we sorted this out. You can find more details at our documentation page for off-campus VPN access.
If you have any questions or connectivity issues, please let us know:

UPDATE, April 8 at 4pm: For those of you with active FSUID faculty or staff accounts, ITS has introduced a new solution: VIA VPN.  You can VPN onto the campus network, and access RCC resources.

The instructions for using the VIA VPN are posted on the ITS website. However, the VIA VPN service is intended only for users with an employee status (faculty, staff, teaching assistants, etc), and the VIA VPN client only works for Windows and MacOS platforms.

If you are a student or have a guest account (e.g. you use the /hpc endpoint to authenticate with your RCC credentials instead of your FSUID login), or you use Linux as your OS, the situation is still tenuous; FSU’s current VPN system (AnyConnect) has a maximum capacity of 750 users, and ITS is reaching that cap by 9AM every morning.  We are working with the ITS networking group on a solution.

In the meantime, for students and Linux users, we recommend that you try to access the VPN during non-peak hours: 7am - 9am or after 5pm. Once connected, your connection should persist until you disable it manually or lose Internet access.

Another solution is to apply for a courtesy appointment through HR, which will allow you to use the VIA VPN.


UPDATE, March 26 at 8am: According to ITS, as of 8am yesterday:

VPN is currently intermittently unavailable. Users are reportedly experiencing login failures. ITS is investigating this issue to have VPN restored as soon as possible. [03/25/3030 8:00AM ET]


ITS is experiencing campus-wide issues with the VPN.  They are aware of the problem, and working to correct it as quickly as possible.  Please monitor for updates.  We will also send another notice out when the issue is resolved.