Information regarding the 'meltdown' and 'spectre' Intel vulnernabilities

UPDATE: Jan 17 - We are still waiting on vendors to release kernel patches and microcode patches that address the vulnerabilities without severely impacting performance.

A preliminary kernel patch that we tested caused a significant performance hit on our benchmarks.  Consequently, we are testing any patches that vendors release before we deploy them to the HPC and Spear.

We'll continue to test and apply patches and updates as our vendors release them.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know (

You may have seeen the news recently regarding the latest Intel CPU vulnerabilities, nick-named 'meltdown' and 'spectre'. An overview of these vulnerabilities is available at

A patch has been released for the Linux Kernel, and our Systems Team will be rolling that out as soon as possible. Currently, we are testing to see if there are any significant performance penalties caused by deploying that patch on HPC and Spear compute nodes.

We will upgrade systems next week, and will perform a rolling upgrade. Unfortunately, since this is a Kernel patch, it will most likely require a brief reboot of each node.

Before we begin, we will post more information about the specific steps we are going to take, along with a reboot schedule.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know: