ALL CLEAR - Hurricane Dorian

UPDATE - Tuesday, September 3 - 11am - ALL CLEAR- Dorian is no longer an immediate threat to Tallahassee.

UPDATE - Thursday, August 29 - 2:10pm - As you know, Hurricane Dorian is threatening the greater Tallahassee area.  As a precautionary measure, the ITS Research Computing Center is preparing for all possible scenarios, including a shutdown of the entire HPC cluster.  While we will make every effort to continue service, we want to make you aware of this possibility in case it affects your planning for job submissions.

As meteorologists become more confident in the storm path, RCC staff will make a decision on our action plan.  We will post an update no later than this weekend.

If you have any questions or issues, let us know:

Tropical storm Dorian is currently heading towards Florida and it might be heading towards Tallahassee for labor day. We will keep a close eye on this system and act accordingly. Updates will be sent out through the notice list and the RCC website.

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