SYSTEMS ONLINE - HPC, Spear, and Lustre Export Node

We have fully completed all of the planned maintenance for the HPC, Spear, and Lustre Export nodes.  All of our services are back online, including:

  • HPC
  • Spear
  • Globus
  • Lustre Export Nodes

This upgrade includes a number of end-user changes on our systems.  The major ones are:

  1. We've upgraded all systems to CentOS7.3 (previously, we were on CentOS7.1)
  2. We've installed new versions for 100's of software packages on the HPC and Spear.   View the full list of upgrades.
  3. We've replaced the buggy NX server ON Spear with a new tool called Xpra.  Refer to our full Xpra documentation to get started.
  4. We've upgraded the Slurm Scheduler to Version 17.02 (previously we were on 15.08).  Refer to the release notes for changes.
  5. We've improved our authentication libraries to reduce latency in authenticating users on login nodes and compute nodes.

Thank you very much for your patience during the downtime.  If you have issues using any of our systems, please let us know: