HPC, Storage, and Spear Maintenance - May 6 through May 12

This page provides updates on the Systems Maintenance occurring May 6 through May 12.  You can find a detailed overview of what we are doing in our official announcement.  Please direct questions/concerns to support@rcc.fsu.edu.

May 8 - 4pm Most of our compute nodes are reinstalled and we are doing Quality Assurance testing with the new software stack.

May 6 -  11am Our storage system is available for users to transfer. You can access the system through our Globus tool or through the rsync program to our export nodes. Our login nodes will be unavailable until further notice.

May 3 - 12pm - We have begun "draining" HPC compute nodes.  This means that once a node is finished processing already-submitted jobs, it will no longer accept new jobs.  You can still submit HPC jobs, but there will be fewer nodes to process them as the weekend progresses.

On Sunday at 5pm, we will disable new job submissions, and on Monday at 7am, any jobs that are still running will be killed when we start rebuilding nodes.