Hurricane Matthew Alert

Update - October 7 - 10am - We don't expect any impact from hurricane Matthew over the coming days, but RCC staff members will stay in standby mode in case the path of the hurricane changes

First Alert - Octobe 4, 10am - While it looks like hurricane Matthew will not have any significant impact on Tallahassee, we will have to stay vigilant. Matthew is currently a Category 4 hurricane around Haiti and is expected to pass the east coast of Florida on Friday.

If the hurricane changes path towards Tallahassee, RCC may need to take some preventative measures to avoid damage simliar to what we sustained during Hurricane Hermine. Depending on the forecast, this could range from turning off compute nodes to a full shutdown of all our systems. 

We will keep you up to date as events progress. You can watch progress on Matthew on the National Hurricane Center's website: